Mission And Vision: Healing The Island, One Hour At A Time

I believe that every aspect of a person; body, mind, and spirit can benefit from receiving massage therapy.  My mission as Massage Therapist and healer is to treat every individual according to their specific needs.

Each session is customized to meet those needs by integrating various modalities of massage such as; Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and neuromuscular therapy into each session.  I am committed to my personal growth and continuing education as a massage therapist and to working together with my clients to promote their education and participation in this powerful self-healing process.


About The Company: JonasMassage.com Began Simply, As Most Grand Visions Do

Jonas Manashowitz is a lifelong artist, people lover and positive nurturer. Jonas has dedicated his life to the belief that as human beings, “We are all here on this planet to help each other. Why else?”

With that ethos in mind, Jonas began his mission of healing in earnest nearly twenty years ago. When living in Los Angeles, he volunteered with several social change organizations. While he found these actions to be gratifying, Jonas still felt a deeper need to do more.

That desire led him to study and train at the prestigious Swedish Institute College for Health Sciences in New York City. Upon graduation, Jonas began his massage therapy practice and has cultivated a loyal client base of L.M.T’s and healthcare professionals alike.