Benefits of Massage

Massage is essential. It leads us to a place of ‘welcoming touch’ because it feels wonderful and aids in realigning our energies. The comforts of healing touch offer so many things on a physical, spiritual and mental level. Massage and nurturing touch soothes the body, calms the mind and fuels the spirit. Massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which leads the body into ‘rest and digest’ mode. This mode directs our bodies to decompress from stress and assists with digestion. Massage soothes our peripheral nerves, calming us. Increased circulation, as a result of focused massage techniques, affects red blood cell production, delivering oxygen to our tissues. Nutrients are carried into the joints and metabolic waste is pushed out. Lymph fluids are moved, improving our immune system and reducing edema.

Massage also temporarily reduces blood pressure and helps increase endorphin release which is our body’s natural painkiller. Long topical effleurage strokes create warmth, smoother circulation and elongate muscle fibers and connective tissue, relieving our skeletal frame of stress. Muscles relax reducing pain and spasms. Deeper petrissage techniques, including muscle-wringing and pumping, break up adhesions which live in our tissue and fascia. Pain reduction and muscle spasms are again alleviated. Deeper massage, including trigger point reduction, also helps to break up and form mobile scar tissue. Massage helps to distribute synovial fluid within the joints allowing for greater mobility and actually re-educates our joints to their full range of motion. Massage is also a key factor in recovering from injuries and surgery and also in helping to prevent future injury.

Massage fully nourishes the mind/body/spirit connection as it is one of the purest forms of self-care. Treat yourself and your loved ones to this sacred, trusted, and revered holistic modality today. Your mind, body, and spirit will be enriched and you will be inspired to look forward to moving forward, renewed and pain-free.